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Unit 1: Kinematics with Calculus

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     The first unit in this course will provide a foundation for the study of motion, one of the most important topics in physics. When you are ready (notebook and pen in hand) click the "Introduction" link on the left for the first activity.  Have fun!

Suggested timeframe: 3 weeks
Note: The suggested timeframe assumes that the course will be completed in one semester. If the course will be taken over the entire year, please modify the timeframe accordingly.

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Big Ideas:
1. The four basic parameters that describe motion are position, velocity, acceleration, and time.
2. Given initial conditions, the motion of a particle can be modeled mathematically.
3. Vectors are measureable quantities that have both magnitude and direction.
4. The trajectory of a particle in a uniform gravitational field is parabolic.
5. Objects in uniform circular motion must be centripetally accelerated.

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