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Virtual Activity: Motion Graphs
Show the following in the lab report for this activity:
1. The title of the lab activity
2. The date the lab activity was performed
3. The goal(s) of the lab activity
4. A description of the lab activity (procedures, sketches, pictures, etc.)
5. Data collected in the lab activity
6. Conclusion(s) 
You do not need to have calculations or error analysis for this lab report.

   In this activity you will control the motion of a person as he moves along a street.  Graphical analysis of his motion will be displayed as you slide the character around at various rates.  Make sure you choose the "charts" tab at the top of the simulation to see the motion graphs.  The motions you produce are recorded and can be replayed while you watch the graphs re-form.
     Your goal in this activity is to gain an appreciation of how the graphical represenation of motion corresponds with the visual perception of that motion. With that goal in mind try the following:
1. In your lab notebook, create x-t and v-t graphs of a person running down the street at a constant speed. Now attempt to reproduce the graphs in the simulation.
2. In your lab notebook, create x-t and v-t graphs of a person walking backward down the street at a constant speed, stopping for a few seconds, then running with increasing speed forward. Now attempt to reproduce the graphs in the simulation.
3. Create your own scenario, graph it and then attempt to reproduce it in the simulation.
     When you are ready please click the link below to open the Java-based simulation. The simulation may open into a new window or it may download into a folder (on an Apple computer this would be the download folder by default.) and you need to double click the file after it downloads to allow it to run. Also, if you are using Safari as your browser you may see a warning that indicates that the application is from an unknown developer. Simply use "control and click" to open the file in the download folder. Finally, you may need to install Java the first time you run this type of file. When you are finished using the simulation, return to this page.

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