Physics C Mechanics
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Challenge Problems: Kinematics
Try the challenge problems shown below.
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kinematics combo challenge 2 

     In video you will see a small toy "popper" move upward from rest when it quickly changes shape and is pushed upward by a surface. Watch the video and make measurements on the height to which the popper rises. After the video answer the questions shown below. There is no need to write a lab report for this activity.

1. What is the average initial speed of the popper?
2. How would the maximum height change if the the experiment was performed on the moon? Explain your answer. (Clue: the value of "g" on the moon is 6 times less that that on Earth.)
3. What is the speed of the popper when it is 1.0 m below its maximum height?
4. What is the speed of the popper when it hits the floor on the way back down?

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