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The Physics Prep Team:
Developer/Instructor: Jack Kernion, EdD
Teaching Assistant: Colleen Schmiech
Sales Manager: Sarah Markle
Business Advisor: Brady Clegg 

     Physics Prep was created by veteran AP* teacher Jack Kernion. Since 1996, he has guided talented students to high scores on the AP* Physics exams. One of the most important aspects of Dr. Kernion's teaching is his emphasis on methodology over memorization. His students learn the "Big Ideas," which he has been presenting for years, long before it was the latest trend in high school education. The Physics Prep courses emphasize this long-term learning method. Consequently, any student, regardless of his or her learning style, can easily plug into the flow of the course and gain a deep understanding of the material.

Mission Statement     

Our mission at Physics Prep is to fully prepare the student for the AP* Physics Exams administered by the College Board every May for students who do not have access to high-quality instruction. A student who begins our courses with the prerequisite mathematical skills will learn concepts and problem solving methodologies, assuring success on the AP* tests and in coursework at the university level.

     Our confidence comes from Dr. Kernion's many years of instruction to hundreds of students, most of whom earned scores well above the national average. In fact, all of his students earned a score of 5 (the highest possible score) on the AP* Physics C Electricity and Magnetism examination one year!  His students have gone on to study science in the most prestigious universities in the nation, including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Duke, MIT, Cornell and many others.

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