Computer Requirements

     There are two types of files you should be able to view to fully participate in our courses. Please check your computer system to see if it passes the two tests below. Physics Prep, LLC is not responsible for the inability of your computer to access and view the multimedia resources found in our courses.

1. Video files such as the one shown here: This type of video presentation is the heart of our website.  If you cannot view this video you should not sign up for our courses.

2. Simulations that require your browser to be Java-enabled: There will also be some simulations that you will be directed to during the lessons that requires a 32-bit Java-enabled browser. You can usually enable Java in the controls of your browser. Since each browser (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, etc.) is unique, please refer to the browser's "help" tab to determine how, or even if, this can be done. Try to run the file shown in the image below. If your computer cannot run the Java file, there will always be a link shown that connects to an alternative browser-based versions of the simulation that will be provided. Here is an example for this simulation.

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