How These Courses Work

classroom     Our Physics Prep courses are designed to mimic the actual classroom setting as much as possible. Our mission is to support the student in the same manner as a regular classroom teacher, with guidance and expertise.  Too many online physics websites are simply unstructured jumbles of resources that don't feel like an actual class.  They have lots of options, but are essentially unguided topic lists that the student must navigate hoping that he/she hits on the necessary concepts.
     At Physics Prep, students engage in the same sorts of activities they would be exposed to in a traditional classroom. They cover the material in a sequential (unit by unit) fashion, using prior learning as a foundation for new learning. Each unit is designed to cover the exact topics found on the AP* Physics Tests. In addition to watching short video presentations on various concepts within a unit, the student will perform hands-on investigations and online virtual lab activities (many of which are "inquiry-based"), view sample problems solved through consistent methodologies, work through new problem sets on their own, watch simulations of physical systems, and much more.  In short, the student will be exposed to all the learning modes needed to master the objectives in the unit.  All the while, the instructor will continue reminding the student about the "never-to-be-forgotten" concepts in the unit, that is, the "Big Ideas."
     The courses at Physics Prep can be taken independenly or in conjunction with an online discussion forum on which students post questions about course content that are answered within 24 hours. 

The "Workflow" within a Unit:


     When a student begins a new unit, he/she is shown a list of activities to be followed (a workflow). The first activity in each work flow is an introductory video presentation that outlines the work to be accomplished and sets forth the "Big Ideas." A sequence of activities follows, including self-check quizzes.  The final activity of each unit is a summative test that assesses the student's knowledge of the objectives for that unit. 
     The video below shows an example of a presentation from unit 1 in the Physics C Mechanics course.  If you have any questions please contact us!

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