Physics 2
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Course Review and Final Exam: Physics 2

     Preparing for the AP* Physics 2 exam requires diligence, focus, intelligence and proper experience. Students who will do well on the exam certainly know the "big ideas" and all the concepts and skills needed to solve problems, design experiments, analyze data, and critically evaluate claims. But it's also important to know test taking skills and test structure so that stress is reduced and nothing is surprizing on the exam.
     This final two week unit will get you ready to take the exam with confidence. You will review the "big ideas" and the learner objectives and have exposure to sample questions and test taking strategies that can allow the actual exam to be enjoyable rather than a burden.
     As a last activity, you will take a practice exam that simulates the actual AP* Physics 2 test. You've come a long way from unit 1! Now it's time to show that all your hard work has paid off.

Suggested Timeframe: 2 weeks

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