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Unit 7: Fluids

A glass sits on a table in front of a blue background. The glass is filled with water and there are two solid pieces of ice near the bottom of the glass. Vapour is flowing from the top of the glass.

     Liquids and gasses (fluids) behave according to the laws of physics that you've learned in the first six units of this course. In order to predict that behavior we will use the big ideas of force analysis and conservation of energy. You'll be surprised at the large number of things in your life where fluid dynamics play a big role. Do you want to know why boats float and airplanes fly? These and other cool ideas are explained!

Suggested timeframe: 3 weeks

Big Ideas:
•Physical systems (that may have internal structure) and objects (that do not have internal structure) can be characterized by certain properties. 
•The concept of force can be used to describe the interactions between objects in systems or between systems themselves.
•Laws of conservation of certain properties of systems restrict the manner in which systems can change due to interactions.

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