Physics C Electricity & Magnetism
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Unit 6: Inductance


     Just as we saw how capacitors store energy in an electric field, in this unit we will see how inductors store energy in a magnetic field. Along the way we will discuss Faraday's Law and Lenz's Law in order to understand how inductors behave. As the final topic of this unit (and the entire course) we'll investigate how inductors and capacitors can work together in circuits that oscillate. It's been a long road...but you're almost there!

Suggested timeframe: 3 weeks

Big Ideas:
1. Magnetic flux is associated with magnetic field being "captured" by conducting loop.
2. Changes in magnetic flux cause induced currents.
3. Inductance is a measure of the circuit loop's resistance to change in the current.
4. A circuit containing inductors and capacitors exhibits behavior that changes with time.
5. Maxwell's Equations completely describe electromagnetic phenomena.

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