Physics C Electricity & Magnetism
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Unit 2: Electric Potential


     Everyone uses the term voltage, knowing that it has something to do with electricity, but they often completely misunderstand the technical meaning of the word. In this unit you will learn to accurately use this term (it means electric potential difference) and begin to understand its importance to the next unit on electrodynamics. Don't be shocked if you are enlightened, as electric potential is one of the most important concepts you will learn in this entire course.
(Image attribution: Catalin.Fatu at the English language Wikipedia)

Suggested timeframe: 2 weeks

Big Ideas:
1. Electric potential is electric potential energy per unit charge.
2. Electric field is a measure of how quickly electric potential changes with position.
3. All excess charge resides on the surface of a conductor.
4. Conductors in electrostatic equilibrium are equipotential.
5. The electric field inside a conductor in electrostatic equilibrium is zero.

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