Physics 2
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Review: Unit 4

     The 21 minute video below gives an overview of what to expect on the Unit 4 Test along with many example problems. Additionally, the learner objectives for this unit, given by the College Board, are listed and explained. Knowing these objectives provides a very real advantage to the student on the AP* exam, because the questions on the exam are all related to the learner objectives.

Login to your MYAP account at the College Board Website and use the "Overview Resources" for unit 6. Please don't be confused by the unit number. As you can see in the chart below, the College Board numbers their units and topics different from what we use at Physics Prep.

Topics  Physics Prep Unit  College Board Unit 
 Electrical Topics 1  3 and 4
 Magnetism 2  5
 Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics 3  1 and 2
 Waves and Light 4 6
 Modern Topics 5 7


Unit 4:
False Claim: "When taking a picture of yourself in a mirror, it's best to have the camera set to auto-focus using sound waves. The sensor in the camera determines the distance to the object being photographed." 

Please write your false claim rebutals with formatting that highlights the claim in yellow, the evidence in green, and the justification in blue. Recall that evidence is something you can observe or measure, while justification is the conceptual rationale for why the evidence is supportive of the claim. You can view an example of a strong argument against this false claim in the answers to the conceptual questions listed below.

Click here to see an example of a good response to this false claim.

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