Scientific Practice and Writing

Course Syllabus: Scientific Practice and Writing

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Jack Kernion, EdD

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Summer, 2021

Course Description:

Many talented high school students do not understand the nature of science and how to communicate as a scientist. This course fills in the gaps about the nature of scientific activity that is often not a part of traditional high school science courses. It will provide background in the history and philosophy of science, the practice of science, scientific investigation, and scientific writing. The course will culminate in the creation of a scientific poster that displays the student's course work. This is a non-graded, non-credit, enrichment course. Students will receive a certificate upon completion.

Course Requirements: Students in this course must have high-speed internet access using a computer with video and audio capabilities, a Google account for the discussion forum, a Zoom video-conferencing account for the live class session. Both the Google ( and Zoom ( accounts are free for student registration.


July 6: Introduction to Philosophy of Science (Part 1)
Topics: Differentiate Science from Philosophy of Science, learn about the types of inferences.

July 8: Introduction to Philosophy of Science (Part 2)
Topics: Learn about the demarcation problem and the social nature of science, discuss realism and antirealism.

July 13: The Practice of Science (Part 1)
Topics: Discuss the details of scientific practice and the role of scientific argumentation in that practice, learn the structure of a scientific argument.

July 15: The Practice of Science (Part 2)
Topic: Evaluate scientific arguments

July 20: Scientific Investigation (Part 1)
Topics: Learn the structure of a scientific investigation, evaluate data sets for possible use in a scientific investigation.

July 22: Scientific Investigation (Part 2)
Topics: Learn analysis techniques for use on data sets, apply data analysis techniques to student chosen data sets. Discuss the basics of scientific writing.

July 27: Scientific Writing (Part 1)
Topic: Learn how to create a scientific poster that includes scientific writing.

July 28: Scientific Writing (Part 2)
Topic: Present your scientific poster to the class.

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