8 Hours Towards an 800

Course Syllabus: 8 Hours Towards an 800*

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Jack Kernion, EdD

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Spring, 2021

Course Description: This course includes eight one-hour, group, online-interactive sessions designed to help improve a student's score on the SAT Subject Test in Physics. Each session will focus on one of eight topic areas around which the test is designed. In addition to reviewing the primary concepts, an equal emphasis of the course is to become knowledgeable of the format of the test. Students will subsequently be very comfortable with both the content and the manner in which questions will be asked. This course will only help students who have already successfully completed (or nearly completed) a high school (or more advanced) physics course. The goal is to increase the student’s score on the test. Many colleges require the scores from two SAT Subject Tests to be included in a student’s application. Unlike the general SAT Test which evaluates a student’s reasoning skills and readiness for college, Subject Tests assess a student’s content knowledge, allowing a student to demonstrate their mastery of a particular subject. Often, despite a reasonably solid understanding of a content area, students still do poorly on the test. For this reason, a short, intense, and purposeful re-examination of the content, using a context similar to that in which questions are typically posed, can make the difference between an average score versus one that will differentiate the student positively from others. For more information, please view the introductory video below:   

Course Fees: Tuition for the course is $200

Course Requirements: Students in this course must have high-speed internet access using a computer with video and audio capabilities, and a Zoom video-conferencing account for the live class session. Zoom (www.zoom.us) accounts are free for student registration.

Course Details: Live course sessions with the instructor will be conducted through the Zoom online meeting platform. The meetings will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm ET beginning on May 11, 2021. All meeting will be recorded and able to be viewed online shortly after the conclusion of the sessions so that students wanting to review the contentor who have missed the session will be able to do so. The content of the course will be delivered using presentation software. All students will be provided note-taking/study guide packets (via a PDF file that will need to be printed out) to use while the instruction occurs, This will enable students to have their own notes with easy access for further study or review at a later late. Students will also be provided with a full-length diagnostic practice test to take at the conclusion of the course.


May 11: The First Hour
Topics: Mechanics Part 1 – Kinematics, Dynamics, Gravity

May 13: The Second Hour
Topics: Energy and Momentum

May 18: The Third Hour
Topics: Circular Motion and Simple Harmonic Motion

May 20: The Fourth Hour
Topics: Electricity and Magnetism

May 25: The Fifth Hour
Topics: Waves and Optics

May 27: The Sixth Hour
Topics: Heat and Thermodynamics

June 1: The Seventh Hour
Topics: Modern Physics

June 3: The Eighth Hour
Topics: History of Physics and New Topics

* A score of 800, the highest score possible on the SAT Subject Test in Physics, is not guaranteed by taking this course.  A higher score is considerably more likely, though, as a result of taking this course assuming a conscientious effort is made on the part of the student.  There are no guarantees in life, but this is a good bet!

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