Important Announcement

          We are happy to announce that, in addition to the self-paced online classes taken by individuals at our website, our courses are available through one of the nation's top homeschooling organizations, PA Homeschoolers. While the content for courses offered through PA Homeschoolers is the same as those at our website, there are several unique benefits that are a part of registration through their organization:
1. Students are invited to participate in live online video meetings with Dr. Kernion and all the members of the class once every two weeks. The purpose of the online sessions is to answer questions, talk about expectations for the next two weeks, give sample problems and discuss concepts. These sessions are optional but very valuable.
2. An online discussion forum is set up for each class. The discussion forums are always open. They offer the students an online space to ask questions and post comments. Dr. Kernion will check the forum daily and respond to questions. Fellow students can do the same. A student dashboard gives access to the forum along with pacing guides, suggested textbook readings and end-of-chapter problems.
3. Since the courses are offered through a homeschool network, with the same standing as a school, the AP* designation can be used on a transcript and a grade can be earned.
     The courses at PA Homeschoolers begin in late August and are finished in early May.

What is Physics Prep?
     Physics Prep offers affordable interactive AP* Physics test preparation courses designed to maximize student learning. Our fully online, self-paced program allows students to engage in a carefully designed educational experience that mimics the actual classroom setting. St
udents are exposed to narrated multimedia lecture presentations and a series of activities that include virtual and actual lab experiments, physical simulations, practice problems with complete solution guides, demonstrations, quizzes and unit tests. Interested students can begin their work at any time of the year.  Learn more...

Why Physics Prep Works...
     Our courses guide a student through the exact curriculum mandated by the College Board. The courses were designed by Dr. Jack Kernion, a veteran AP* Physics teacher who has been successfully teaching AP* Physics courses for over 20 years. Learn more...

Why Physics Prep is Different...
     Many online tutoring services are unfocused, offering classes or tutoring in a wide variety of disciplines with a standard "cookie-cutter" approach to all courses. Instructors are often inexperienced and have no track record of success in difficult courses, or they are college professors who know a great deal of content, but are not good at hitting topics at just the right level. Also, the latest educational research clearly shows that teaching with a focus on "The Big Ideas," as our courses do, is a proven strategy for successful long-term learning. Finally, our presentations can be viewed on mobile devices, allowing students to learn "on-the-go" as a part of their busy the library, at the kitchen table, in the car or on the school bus!

Who Could Benefit from Physics Prep?

  • Students currently taking AP* Physics (or undergrads in college physics courses) who need extra help at an affordable price.
  • Students who attend schools that do not offer AP* Physics courses.
  • Students who attend a cyber school.
  • Students who are homeschooled. Learn more...
  • School districts without qualified Physics faculty. Learn more...

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