Physics C Mechanics
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Video Lab: Motion Studies 

This lab has 2 parts:
Part 1: View the video lab below and perform the calculations it requires.

Part 2: (This is a hands-on activity)
Trial A. Roll a steel sphere or a golf ball along the surface of a flat desk. Calculate its average speed using whatever measuring devices you want. Completely describe (qualitatively, using words such as constant, increasing, decreasing, positive, and negative, for example) the motion of the sphere using all the important terms (displacement, velocity, and acceleration) discussed in the previous presentation.

Trial B. Repeat trial A, this time pushing a book (instead of the sphere) on the flat table.

Trial C. Repeat trial A, again with the sphere, this time with the table at a small angle (place something under two of the legs).

You must take a picture of each trial and include the pictures in your lab report. Use a cell phone or digital camera. You can edit the photos (and add comments or descriptions on the photos) with a computer photo editor or online at

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